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Music Workshop Singapore


We specialise in fun, creative & adventurous music workshops where participants can build trust, confidence, patience, teamwork & effective communication skills. Suited for all age groups

Our workshops have been used as extra circular activities in schools, camps, festivals and as team-building activities for companies, retreats and corporate events.


1. Songwriting

school music workshop.jpg

This workshop teaches how musicians work together in a group, using organization, structure and creativity. Participants will create a fun song with our music software, writing their own lyrics, bass lines and rhythmic grooves.

2. Body Rhythm

crowd_julian_kepo workshop.jpeg

Learn about the rhythms of rock and reggae music through clapping, stamping, body percussion & singing.

learn music production masterclass singapore_wix_1600_1200.jpeg

Join a 6 month music journey to learn how to become a music producer along with others


luminate group lo res_edited.jpg
SOLIS at Night Festival by Mischief Makers

Music composition for SOLIS at Night Festival by Mischief Makers


Music Composition for a show at The Arts House featuring spoken word and dance

Luminate Festival Workshop

Songwriting workshop at Luminate festival in New Zealand

Music Education Singapore

Music education services for Music Course Online

TV Commercial Music Composer

Jingle Music Composer for Channel News Asia TV program Talking Point

Music Curator Singapore Festival

Music curator services for Singapore's biggest independent literary arts festival Lit Up festival


Kavitha Krishnan,

Artistic Director

"You never fail me with your music creation.. :) thank you"

Band alchemy workshop creating songs for dance production "Grey" put up by Maya Dance Theatre

Grant Knisley,

Film Director

"I LOVE the song - powerful & relevant lyrics"

Licensed song from workshop for documentary film "Untouchable" by Code Red Films 

Anna Karenina,


"I love how the track has become more concise and upbeat!!!! thank you so much!!! the ending's perfect!"

Produce a song workshop creating music for TV show "Talking Point" by Channel News Asia


Starrlite Mclean,

Music Festival Curator

"So awesome to see the  
co-creative potential made manifest in such a tangible way, thanks for  
being part of the magic that was Luminate 2019!!

Songwriting workshop for Luminate Music festival

Gift Voucher

Gift Vocher

Gift the joy of learning music to a loved one with a gift voucher for valentines day, a birthday, anniversary, Christmas present or any special occasion. Choose the number of workshops and add a personal message.

Music gift voucher for music production 1.jpg
Music gift voucher for music production 2.jpg


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