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Body Rhythm Workshop

Learn about the rhythms of rock and reggae music through clapping, stamping, body percussion & singing. 


Participants will get to learn how to play or record essential sounds like a high hat, kick drum, snare or melody to create their own unique sounding rhythm.


crowd_julian_kepo workshop.jpeg
  • Beats and bars

  • Kick drum through stomping

  • Snare drum through clapping

  • High hats through vocalization

  • Melody through singing

  • Recording

Learning Objectives

  • Creating fun musical rhythms

  • Develop confidence 

  • Group camaraderie and teamwork

  • Gain new excitement about music


SGD $ 35 per person

  • Musical Instruments

  • 30 participants minimum

  • 60 minutes

  • Preparation, transportation and admin fees


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