Groups, Schools & Team Building

Band Alchemy

Learn the inner workings of a professional band. We’ll break down how we combine instruments and lyrics to create songs. This workshop is interactive &  encourages participation with a jam session.


Kids learn how to work together in a group, using organization, structure and creativity to write songs. 

Produce A Song

Participants will  contribute to the making of a unique group song by constructing lyrics, writing a bass line, developing rhythms, tempo selection and more. 

Body Rhythm

Learn about the rhythms of rock and reggae music through clapping, stomping, body percussion & singing


Our instructor helps the group to build layers of sounds using words, lyrics, vocalisations and rhythms to create amazing songs

Ableton Looping

Discover the infinite world of musical possibilities through live looping with Ableton. Groups can contribute vocals, words, rhythms, and other musical whims to throw in.

Growing Roots

Learn powerful habits to help you start or finish creative masterpieces whether it's art, music, books or other projects


Learn how to play musical melodies by analysing how beats and melodies work together through singing, tapping and playing your instrument.

Element Dance

Discover the dance of earth, fire, water and air by connecting body movements with melody, rhythm and imagination. 


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