Remote Music Workshop

A remote music making workshop where participants can tune in from anywhere in the world and learn how to combine the elements of rhythm, bass and melody to create songs. This workshop is interactive &  encourages participation.

Our producer will show you how making music is easy! Great for learning how to work towards a common goal and understanding the elements of  songwriting!


  • What makes up a song

  • Laying down a rhythmic groove

  • Composing a bassline

  • Singing

  • Arranging and Recording

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding elements of songs

  • Develop confidence  

  • Trust in creative abilities

  • Collaborative teamwork & camaraderie

Guide Price

SGD $ 40 per participant

  • Musical Instruments

  • 30 participants minimum

  • 90 minutes

  • Preparation, transportation and admin fees


Optional Extras

  • All participants should have either a zoom or microsoft teams account

  • Stable internet connection

  • 1 test call before workshop for testing technical setup

  • $ 150 for design of one promotional marketing flyer with optional post to mailing list, facebook and instagram


  • $ 250 for audio recording and editing into a song 

  • $ 350 for video recording and editing into a trailer


  • Facebook
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