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Inputting metadata to tag your album

Album tagging sounds easy but it's actually a much more tedious task than I imagined and it's very important to do it properly. I've discovered some tools and tips of how you can tag your albums.

1. Get a tag editor program to do the basic tagging. Qoobar is a program I recently discovered that has proved to be quite helpful

2. Submit your music to Gracenote music server. This needs to be done so that whenever anyone puts in a CD of your music, they will have the same details that you want them to see.

3. Make sure you submit your music to a distributor. I found a great article to help you compare the various options that are available in the market.

4. You can get a free ISRC code when you upload your music to tunecore. CD Baby gives you ISRC codes as well. To find out more information about what is ISRC visit this page

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