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Best Guitar Luthier in Singapore

I had the good fortune to meet Luca, an Italian guitar luthier who is simply AMAZING. I had some glue marks from stickers and chipped wood on my guitar that i wanted to remove for aesthic purposes. When I presented it to Luca I really appreciated how he offered me a few solutions of how to fix the problem and their respective prices. In the end he cleaned up the mess i created and it was done for an unbeatable price.

I even brought my friend's guitar to the shop whose guitar neck had been badly damaged. Luca fixed the guitar neck and my friend said his Gibson has more life than ever and was stunned with the affordability of fixing it. So if you want to meet an excellent guitar craftsmen in Singapore who specialises in restoration, repairs, customization and set up of guitars contact Luca at


number: 82804463 (pls call him during regular office hours)

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