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Live Music, DJs, Brilliant Nature, Funky Stalls, Face Paint, Cheap Booze and Awesome People at Tree

Wobology, Kilowatt Soundsytem and Dj Sinar Hayat team up to host a stellar event called Summer Blizzard in Dempsey. The friendly folks from Buy Me a Drink App sums up the vibration of this event the best, "Hosted by everyone's new favourite venue-Tree Lizard, who needs the squeezy, sweaty dance floor at Zouk and the hefty entry free when you can party for free on a massive open field? Go ahead, release your inner flower child and party like a total gypsy bohemian for the entire evening to Reggae, Dub, Ragga, DnB, Beats and plenty of far-out tunes."

Click HERE to join the facebook event (and invite people if you wish)

Check out some of the happy vices that will keep you smiling all day.


Wobology is an interstellar spaceship fuelled by rainbows and old tie-dye t-shirts. Its ongoing mission is to find a cure for lameness, break out new beats and dance moves, and boldly go where no band has gone before.

Kilowatt Sounsystem

Based in sunny Singapore, the Kilowatt crew brings together people of diverse backgrounds for one common goal: to make people dance!

DJ Sinar Hayat

Chill Sessions maestro DJ Sinar Hayat comes to the front to get you boogieing to some Balkan Dub, Brass Beats, reggae, dancehall, bass, ragga, drum n bass, break beats and more

Awesome Tie Dye tshirts in Singapore

FriDYE will be presenting a selection of tie-dyed and bleached t-shirts and tops that have been hand dyed especially for this party! All items sgd 20.

Face Painter in Singapore

The glorious Custolit is offering UV war paint to make sure your rain dance as Mayan as possible. She tattoos people for a living so you know she's got a steady hand! Only 5 bucks per face.


‪‎Palinoia‬ will be showcasing crafty hand made jewellery at Summer Blizzard. These colorful little balls are hard to keep your hands off! Equally pleasant to eye and to touch.. Chat to Lulu at her stall to find out how she makes them.

Buy Me A Drink App

The awesome people from Buy Me A Drink App will be providing cashless payment option for our party! Just download the app, register your card and you can leave your wallet at home! We hear they have some fun tricks up their sleeve (hint - it's flammable). Look out for this banner and party without any hustle! -

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