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Symmetry Entertainment presents Toe and Anechois Live in Singapore at Zouk

I was gifted a ticketed to watch Japanese post rock band Toe perform at Zouk, Singapore a few weeks ago. One of the sickest drummers i've ever seen combined with a SUPER GROOVY bassist and incredibly creative use of layering guitar melodies with unexpected timing and dynamic variations. I wish you could have seen the expressions of feeling conveyed by the drummer. You could see him expressing pure moments of intense feeling with every hit he made. That's the general vibration of the band which i felt cared a lot about being pure towards expressing their feelings through music. Check out a video of the band playing their famous song Goodbye here or here (different angles).

When i walked into zouk i was fortunate enough to be greeted by this very impressive pscyhedelic local band called Anechois. They made me feel as though i had been transported into a movie scene with their heavily layered cinematic sonic textures and addictive guitar melodies. Check out Anechois beautiful music here.

I started wondering who put this wonderful program together bringing an amazing local and international act for the community to enjoy some good music - SYMMETRY ENTERTAINMENT. I had to know more so i sent the owner Tim Kek an email to ask him what Symmetry Entertainment was all about.

How does symmetry choose their music programming?

i often ask around familiar faces at Symmetry shows what acts they'd like to see next or what music are they listening to currently? i'd then go and figure out whether those acts would work for the singaporean market

How often do you guys do events? what sort of challenges do you face?

We try to do shows as often as we can but with singapore being saturated with so many shows (both local and international acts alike), we are evolving to be a little more picky with the acts we put up so as to ensure we can confidently bring a good crowd to the shows

How do you see your role as developing the local music industry?

We mostly focus on shows for international acts but with that, we have the opportunity to offer local acts a chance to support international acts, many of which are idols/influences to these bands. we make it a point to have local supports at as many of our Symmetry shows as possible. it's a good chance for the local acts to observe and learn from the international act as well as getting their music out to new fans.

Any tips on what sort of changes are needed so that the original local music can thrive more?

I'd say that singaporean bands should develop a more global perspective and look towards touring the region/globally as much as possible!

Can't wait to check out what killer shows they will organise as these guys have Death Cab For Cutie lined up along with a festival lined up in 2016. You can find and follow all the news of Symmetry Entertainment here.

All photos are courtesy of Jared Rezel and Axel Ante for Symmetry Entertainment

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