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Best 3rd party VST Plugins

Truly the best free loundess meter in the market. Easy to use loudness plugin for metering levels like integrated LUFS (average loudness of track) and true peak (loudest peak of a track). It is available as a free and paid plugin. This plugin does not change the audio at all. It is simply a loudness metering plugin.

If you are producing a lot of tracks and need to get loudness information quickly then get the paid version. Knowing the accurate loudness of your track is especially useful for mixing and mastering purposes.

It is also capable of giving good information about the dynamic range.


$0 or $ USD 47 for premium features

Take an ordinary sound and transform it to something extraordinary with Tantra. This is a rock n roll plugin for psychedelic FX. Plenty of excellent presets and you can even acquire a superb expansion pack. Be warned that there is endless hours of entertainment awaiting you with the usage of this plugin.

One thing to take note of is that if you run multiple instances of Tantra at the same time, it can be CPU intensive. A workaround for that is to render the audio into a new audio with the FX imprinted or to bypass the plugin when it is not in use.


USD $69 or $ USD 99 for expansion pack

Use the discount code "SP-12YX" to get the plugin for 30% off

Download: Tantra


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