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Wonderfruit Festival Review 2015

Attending Wonderfruit Festival has easily been one of the most entertaining ways I've ended a year. Gifted a ticket from a close friend of mine, i feel blessed to have been able to have experienced what I felt was a high quality music festival in Asia.

Firstly i must comment that the sound system at every stage was fantastic. Nice big speakers which gave access to a rich level of sound detail you normally never get to experience. Next thing that was phenomenal was the music curation. The organiser clearly has good taste because the curation was awesome diverse original music. The action packed showcased featured a brilliant variety which included a live techno band (Elektro Guzzi), spiritual electronic music (Oceanvs Orientalist), a rockstar who resembled a mixture of both jimmy hendrix & prince (Harts), Indian world folk music (Rajasthan Roots), local jazz funk band (Asawin Band), live psychedelic band (Submotion Orchestra), crazy laser light show performance (Jon Hopkins), super good chillout (Catching Flies), wicked dubstep (Karsh Kale) and so much more.

Overall it was an intelligently conceived musical experience where there was something for everyone and there was so much new stuff to discover. They even had workshops, talks, theatrical performances and other community events. There was also a very good initiative to promote the local music culture of Thailand with quite a few super thai bands playing both traditional and modern music.

To sum up it's got the whole package expected of an incredible music festival experience - Wonderful original music, randomness, cool infrastructure, lovely people, nice big open nature space and inspirational encounters that will change you postively in one way or the other. I can't wait to get tickets for he next edition.

I don't have a great phone camera but i took some footage in case your curious to have a glimpse of the festival here.

How much do you need to take for such a festival

Outside of the flight I changed 500 SGD which was enough to cover the expenses of transportation, stay, eating very well, bit of shopping and miscellaneous item purchases in bangkok for 2 nights and at the festival for 4. I didn't drink any alcohol.


The festival is about 20 - 30 minutes from Pattaya, Thailand.

Flights cost me $140 for return ticket from Singapore to bangkok (you can also get similar priced tickets to bangkok which probably would work out to be cheaper)

Taxi from bangkok to festival 2000 Baht (shared by 5 ppl, so works out to 400 baht per person)

Taxi from festival to pattaya was 500 baht. Took a bus to go back from Pattaya to bangkok for 115 baht per person.

The closest bangkok airport to the festival is Survanhabhumi. DMK is 45 mins further away.

Accommodation options

Due to availibility complications we had to stay at 2 places which were 5 and 10 minutes away from festival ground by motorbike. The comfortable rooms were 1000 baht per night (shared by 3 ppl) and if i'm not mistaken called mediterranean garden and siam country resort.

You can also camp on the festival ground with your own tent (for free if i'm not mistaken).

Alternatively 4 people can share a tippie styled tent provided by the festival organisers for 5000 baht per night.


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